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Car Repair System

Car Repair System is a multinational group with an  extensive in the automotive sector, knowing perfectly, the processes and systems of a workshop; Manufacturing and distributing products for the prepartion, repair, and maintenance of bodyworks.

Wide range of products

Through the wide range of own products that include fillers, Clear Coat finishing repair, chemicals, attachments and accessories, protective materials, abrasives, machines, tools and workshop equipment we cover all the needs of a workshop.

Quality certification

The quality department focuses all its efforts on ensuring the quality of their products and services. This is one of the reasons why the Company obtained the qualiry certificaction only one year after their founding.


Disponemos de una amplia gama de producto

quick mis

Nuevo Adhesivo Bicomponente

Quick Mix Multifix, es un adhesivo bicomponente base cianocrilato con unas excelentes propiedades adhesivas y de relleno, mejorando y garantizando su resistencia en múltiples reparaciones de la carrocería, en un

ENTRADA blog_kit chromoe effect

Consigue un mayor Efecto Cromo

Car Repair System pone a su disposición, un nuevo proceso avanzado para obtener el efecto cromo más aparente sin perder o restar el aspecto real del mismo.  Nos permite realizar

Diamond plus 500 gr copia


Presentamos nuestro Diamond Plus en un nuevo formato de 500 Gr.  El sistema de pulido con Diamond Plus tiene un carácter multifuncional en el compuesto abrasivo que potenciará el enfoque

CRS 5000_75MM

New model of sander CRS 5000

New ORBITAL SANDING MACHINE 75 MM CRS 5000 ORBITAL 2.5MM now available for sale. 2.5 In Orbit Brushless Palm Electric Sander and 75MM Multi-Hole Dish very light and comfortable during

Kraft Premioum Extra

We add a quality Extra to the Kraft paper

New Premium quality Kraft Paper. This Kraft paper is made with 100% virgin pulp, so it does not contain recycled materials and leads to excellent uniformity in the quality of

Diamond N-ano

New for polishing

We present an ideal couple for polishing. At Car Repair System we reinvent our Diamond Plus polish and it is accompanied by its ideal complement. With the new Diamond Plus,

crs3000 y 5000

New CRS 3000 and 5000 Electric Orbital Sanders

We expanded the work tools for the Car Repair System catalog. Introducing our Rectangular 3-Orbit Brushless Palm Electric Sander with 70 x 198MM Multi-Hole Platter equipped with a 4-speed control

easy click

Preparation and improvement in the application of repainting, easier

Facilitating the work of our clients is one of the objectives that we pursue at Car Repair System. With our system for preparing and improving the application of repainting, we

kitstarmate 10

New Kit Starmate 10

At Car Repair System, we expand our catalog with a new 2K acrylic varnish. This is the Starmate 10 Kit, with a brightness level of 10% considered total matte, which


Última Generación de Pistolas DV1 de Devilbiss

En Car Repair System, ofrecemos las últimas novedades referentes a la reparación de la carrocería automóvil. Por ello, como distribuidores oficiales de la marca Devilbiss, ofrecemos a nuestros clientes los

kit 4050 plus

Our Varnish 4050 in 1.5L KIT format

At Car Repair System, we seek to solve the needs of all our clients. We already have our Star Lack 4050 Kit available together with its standard catalyst, in 1.5

Starlack Fast clear


Once again, at Car Repair System we bring you the latest news for auto body repair. We have a new varnish in the form of a Quick-drying Kit and high