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CRS 5000_75MM

New model of sander CRS 5000

New ORBITAL SANDING MACHINE 75 MM CRS 5000 ORBITAL 2.5MM now available for sale.

2.5 In Orbit Brushless Palm Electric Sander and 75MM Multi-Hole Dish very light and comfortable during use.

It reduces operator fatigue as it has a rubber base that reduces vibration, making it more pleasant to use.

  • The hermetic motor design prevents exposure to sanding dust.
  • It has a patented double peripheral suction channel that connects the hood that surrounds the plate.
  • Equipped with a 4-speed turning control regulated by its circuit.



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Kraft Premioum Extra

We add a quality Extra to the Kraft paper

New Premium quality Kraft Paper. This Kraft paper is made with 100% virgin pulp, so it does not contain recycled materials and leads to excellent uniformity in the quality of work. It has a special Kraft sealing treatment that guarantees its use in masking during vehicle refinishing and a very good cut without loosening of residues.

Available the following measures:

  • 45 CM x 300 M
  • 60 CM x 300 M
  • 90 CM x 300 M
  • 120 CM x 300 M



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Diamond N-ano

New for polishing

We present an ideal couple for polishing. At Car Repair System we reinvent our Diamond Plus polish and it is accompanied by its ideal complement.

With the new Diamond Plus, we will obtain an emulsion polish with fast-cutting micro-abrasive particles especially suitable for last-generation varnishes and finishes; including the new quick dry or air dry systems.

  • Its chemical composition together with its Diamond 1500 Orange Micro Fibers applicator, allows a high gloss cut and finish in one step.
  • Easily removes sanding marks from P1500 and provides deep gloss finish.

It is accompanied by Nano Flash Protect, a liquid compound for protection and finishing that offers a quick protective layer to any surface of the vehicle thanks to its nanoparticles that repel water, dust and environmental pollutants which favor a longer surface life. treated.






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crs3000 y 5000

New CRS 3000 and 5000 Electric Orbital Sanders

We expanded the work tools for the Car Repair System catalog.

Introducing our Rectangular 3-Orbit Brushless Palm Electric Sander with 70 x 198MM Multi-Hole Platter equipped with a 4-speed control and our Rectangular 5-Orbit Brushless Palm Electric Sander with 70 x 198MM Multi-Hole Platter equipped with a 7-speed control.

Both reduce the fatigue of the operator since it has a rubber base that reduces vibration, making it more pleasant to handle and they have a hermetic motor that prevents exposure to sanding dust.



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easy click

Preparation and improvement in the application of repainting, easier

Facilitating the work of our clients is one of the objectives that we pursue at Car Repair System. With our system for preparing and improving the application of repainting, we succeed.

Time is saved in mixing handling, filtering and application. Saving and speed of storage of colored remains. Painted and perfect transfer in any position and vertical. Less pollution and more cleaning.

The Car Refinish easy Click Kit consists of:

  • 1 Rigid regulated glass for any mixture, protects and supports the inner glass.
  • Easy-open locking ring with two-way locking, providing a stronger closure.
  • 50 flexible glasses. Reduction of paint residues. More transparent for easier observation.
  • 50 caps with filters
  • 20 airtight caps



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kitstarmate 10

New Kit Starmate 10

At Car Repair System, we expand our catalog with a new 2K acrylic varnish.
This is the Starmate 10 Kit, with a brightness level of 10% considered total matte, which together with our previous STARMATE KIT (30) with a brightness of 30%, will allow you to recreate any type of matte finish for your vehicle.




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Última Generación de Pistolas DV1 de Devilbiss

En Car Repair System, ofrecemos las últimas novedades referentes a la reparación de la carrocería automóvil. Por ello, como distribuidores oficiales de la marca Devilbiss, ofrecemos a nuestros clientes los dos modelos de pistolas DV1 de su marca.

Con DV1 Basecoat obtendrás una pistola de pulverización para profesionales que exigen la máxima velocidad, la mejor calidad de acabado, una precisión del color precisa y el menor consumo posible de energía y material. Ergonomía mejorada con un innovador diseño de tapa de aire. Brillante tecnología de punta de fluido junto con un actualizado diseño de válvula de aire coaxial.

El modelo DV1 Clearcoat, se caracteriza, por tener un nuevo cabezal de aire Clearcoat: DV1 C+, que garantiza un rendimiento superior para dar a los profesionales de la pintura la certeza de que pueden obtener un resultado de máxima calidad. Proporciona un paso de producto más fluido, lo que permite obtener velocidades de aplicación más rápidas, caudales más estables y prestaciones constantes.

Necesitás más información? No dudes en consultarnos.



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kit 4050 plus

Our Varnish 4050 in 1.5L KIT format

At Car Repair System, we seek to solve the needs of all our clients. We already have our Star Lack 4050 Kit available together with its standard catalyst, in 1.5 L format. This format achieves better drying, easier application, while maintaining its high gloss.



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Starlack Fast clear


Once again, at Car Repair System we bring you the latest news for auto body repair.

We have a new varnish in the form of a Quick-drying Kit and high gloss without the need for heat in the cabin or with only 15 minutes at 60 Cº. Excellent ease of application thanks to its thixotropic control agents (resistance to sagging) and resistant to UV rays. Especially suitable for panel work between 1 or 5 pieces.



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optimum light plus



Portable lamp for color evaluation and coverage control in repainting processes. It has a lithium battery with a charge indicator. It allows an excellent perception of colors thanks to its light intensity regulator. Thanks to the characteristics of its LEDs, it is ideal for vehicle preparation, painting, polishing or cleaning tasks. Its magnetized base provides comfort and agility at work as well as resistance to shocks, tremors and vibrations. Equipped with a screen that can be used as a working light (ambient light) or as a professional adjustment flashlight.


optimum light plus_ENoptimum light plus XL_EN






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Film enmascarar Blue


At Car Repair System, we already have a new CRS Blue Masking Film with 19MM tape.

A double protection plastic film whose inner face electrostatically adheres to the surface to be protected. It is designed to paint with any type of paint system. 25 yard temperature resistant tape. Does not leave traces of glue.





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Green Premium Tape copia


At Car Repair System we are in continuous search for the development of products that meet the needs of the workshop regarding the repair of automobile bodies. That is why we present the new Green Premium Tape.

A bodybuilder tape for the most demanding masks. It is especially indicated for humid environments as well as direct contact with water-based paints. Its highly anchored adhesive guarantees efficient masking, without surprises. Its main characteristics are:

Ribbon Color: Green
Total thickness: 0.13 mm
Support weight: 63 g / m2
Temperature resistance: 90 ° C
Resistance to recommended temperature: 30 minutes.
Stretch resistance: 8%



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