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Car Repair System presents its new Car Care line, a select range of car cleaning, care and protection products. It includes nine products, each of them suitable for a specific part of the vehicle : leather seats, interiors, metal surfaces, glasses, wheels, tires, and areas covered by insects.

  1. Sand the damaged area. F1 Gold Line + P150
  2. Wash out all the paint. F1 Gold Line + P150
  3. Welding machine with staples. SP Welding. Intensity regulator, staples choice. SP Welding. Line positioning. SP Welding. Cut the exceeding part of the staples. SP Welding
  4. Degreaser. Cars
  5. Apply the adhesion promoter. Quick Adhesion Promoter
  6. Prepare the gun. Quick Mix Universal
  7. Apply filling up the crack. Quick Mix Universal
  8. Sanding. F1 Gold Line + P150
  9. Apply. Fill Plas.
  10. Sanding. F1 Gold Line + P150
  11. Refine. F1 Gold Line + P240
  12. Apply the filler. Easy Filler.
  13. Let it dry and… ready to paint. Easy Filler
  1. Sand – P120. Lower edges – Discs – F1 Gold Line +
  2. Application Putty. Mixing putty – Fill Light Plus – Apply on damages and let dry 10 minutes – Apply. 1 or 2 layers
  3. Sanding Refined. Sand. F1 Gold Line + P150 – Refininh Area. F1 Gold Line + P240 – Manual Finishing. Super-Fine Abrasive Sponge.
  4. Masking. Masking tape – Plastic film with – Masking tape – Masking foam tape. Prime Protect. Application Filler – Preparation – Apply – Easy Filler
  5. Application Filler. Preparation – Apply – Easy Filler
  6. Paint Preparation. Sanding Easy Filler. F1 Gold Line + P400 – Surface Refining. F1 Gold Line + P500 Interface – Clear Coat Nuance. F1 Gold Line + P800 Plus Interface. Sanding guide. Quick Sanding Control. Edges refinig. Super-fine abrasive sponge
  7. Paint Application. Degreaser – Take dust chamois cloth – Preparation and Application colour – Clear coat UHS 4000 4×300 meter roll. Masking film Plastic cutting blade. Polycut
    Preparation Paint. Anti-corrosion insulation. Quick Wash Primer
    Application. DeVilbiss GTI Pro LITE. Clear Coat preparation 2:1. Star Lack USH 4000

Car Repair System launches the OPTIMUM LIGHT, a cordless rechargeable lamp for a a perfect colours perception.

This lamp is equipped with a lithium battery and a charge indicator. Enables a perfect colours perception thanks to two natural light intensities. The LED characteristics makes the lamp perfect for preparing, painting, polishing and cleaning tasks. Made of durable material, dust proof and water resistant.

Especially suitable for car paint, sanding or polishing. Adaptable hook and magnetic base for comfortable work and easy movements.

The light head can be rotated up to 180 degrees.

Two available powers.Battery life: up to 3 hours.

Automatic shut down sensor after three minutes at maximum power.

Better work quality and finish, lower costs.

Protect the área. Alu Tape
Sanding. Blue Line P400
Insist on the damaged part. Blue Line P400
Refine. Blue Line P600 and P800
Finishing on wet. Easy Sanding and P1500
Manual sanding. Super-fine abrasive sponge.
Masking. Car Repair System.
Degrease. Hydrocleaner and cloth Hitex 4000
Remove dust. Tack Rag
Apply. Quick Plastic Primer
Mix 2:1. Starlight clear coat.
Apply 2 layers. Starlight

Damaged Wheel rim repair. Chrome Effect
Chrome Effect. Alloy damaged wheel rim
Lower damages. Blue Line P150
Apply on damaged parts. Fill Metal
Sanding. Blue Line P240
Refining. Super-fine abrasive sponge
Degrease and dry. Hitex 4000
Wheel rim repainting. Wheel Cover Car Repair System
Apply 2 layers. Quick Wash Primer
Apply and let dry. Glossy Black Base
Stir. Chrome Effect
Apply successive thin layers until covering. Chrome Effect
Apply finishing clear coat. Starlack

VIZAN. Garage coworked of Car Repair System
Works with the 100% range of Car Repair System products.
Preparing and sanding area.
Bodywork dismantling and repair
Mini workbench for light damages
Specialized in headlights repair
Mixtures laboratory
Colorimetry expert
Wide administration management and waiting room área.

Car Repair System will attend Motortec Automechanika Madrid 2015 that will take place from March 11 to 14.

A little overview of Car Repair System stand at Motortec Automechanika Madrid 2015…

Visit us at Hall 6 stand 6C04…

Car Repair System Italia will attend the Autopromotec 2015 exhibition that will take place from May 20 to 24 in Bologna (Italy).

The company will be in the Hall 26 – Stand C 26.