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Last friday our exclusive distributor of Car Repair System in Uruguay opened his first shop Multicolor Pinturas with a round succes.

The place chosen for his first shop is Florida, placed to only 100km of Montevideo. This is the first shop of paintings for Car, inside a chain of shops. The next opening one will be in Montevideo, place of origin of our distributor.

The sale of products are only and exclusively of Car Repair System.

The initiative of our distributor before these new projects does that we continue trusting in our product for: quality, innovation and technology of Forefront.


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Car Repair System bets for the culture and collaborates with the association ” Loja, two Kingdoms two cultures “. The people of Loja recreates the defeat of the Kingdom Nazarí. The most awaited thing was the recreation of the third and definitive Christian siege where the Christian troops of the King Fernando face Boabdil’s nazaríes, together with the banquet nazarí and the parade of troops.

The frame in which there took place the staging of the Christian siege to Loja was in the neighborhood of the Fort, as well as the historical center of the city, which was a faithful reflection of the boisterous handcrafted market of the epoch. The colophon of the II edition of the above mentioned recreation was the round success between the assistants as well as the numerous  visitors who approached to see the event.

The group Car Repair System always present in programs of interest and innovation for the culture does not want to stop to spend this type of opportunities that do that a company grows culturally.

dos reinosdos reinos dos culturas

Car Repair System presented during EXPOGRADO fair Cattle and raising and Agro Montevideo 2015 in Uruguay. The fair began last September 9 until the 20th, being one of the most ancient fairs of America. The origin of the fair had an agricultural approach but with the time and due to the abundance of the public (more than 500.000 persons), the fair was extending his range of exhibition. Today we can say that it is a multi general fair, that includes from products, equipments, machines, technology, services, etc.

The distributor of car Repair System in Uruguay, AUTOPINT is present with a wide exhibition of our products including from putties,fillers, clear coats, polish, masking tape, protection products and also infrared dryers.

Do not stop visiting Autopint’s stand, you will be attended by a specialized staff; you will be surprised.

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Our congratulations to Autopint for his really good job.