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Car repair System presented in Cesvimap, Center of experimentation and safety road,  the Static-Gun. One ionizing gun for the repaint of cars.

For more information, read the document enclosed realized by Cesvimap about the Static-Gun.


Car Repair System has presented the Stat-Gun in Centro Zaragoza. Designed specifically for  paint and body shops, this gun eliminates the static electricity of the surfaces by a technology of ionization. His application is recommended on any surface: steel, aluminium, painting, but especially,it is on plastic in brute where better we appreciate his effect. Due to the operations of sanded, application of painting, blown and cleanliness with rag, the surfaces are loaded electrically, attracting the particles of powder and dirt that will remain caught in the applied painting, or creating differences in the surface of static positive and negative load that impedes the uniform application of painting.

Stat-Gun is a wireless gun that works with rechargeable battery and connected to the network of compressed air it provides an air flow that beside helping to the cleaning of the substratum, it moves rapidly to the surface the positive and negatives ions generated by the gun distributing uniformly the loads on the area for his neutralization. His application is rapid and simple, thanks to the laser guide that is incorporated and must be used after the process of cleaning and before the application of painting.

Using the Stat-Gun we manage to reduce the presence of specks or dirt in the applied painting that gives us a  reduction in the times of polished later, and to obtain a uniform application of painting.”


Publication yielded by the magazine Centro Zaragoza and published in his n º 65.

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Para mayor información ver documento adjunto.