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Launch Air Analog Regulator CRS

New regulator analog air for paints guns. Incorporates a new system for attaching to the gun without the need of tool, it´s regulation controls and anchoring “Easy Touch´´ are performed manually.

Includes a pressure gauge indicator and pressure regulator more compact and resistant. Anodized aluminum body and compact área reléase weight of the gun. Presented in a box for placement on shelves.

Regulador Analógico CRS

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To complete the range of Carbon Fiber Repair, Car Repair System presents the new launch of the Filler Transparent Carbon 2k, a transparent acrylic filler with enhanced filling properties.

Indicated especially for rigging surfaces made of carbon fiber where needed  leveling and seal the porosity without losing the transparency of the covering. We recommend to apply with filler and primer gun 1.6 or 1.8 mm . The repair process ends with the application of the clear coat on the piece.

The mixing ratio would be 1000 gr filler, 300 gr hardener and 100 gr thinner.


Drying time 12h

Products A+B

Layers of application 1 – 3

Also available the polyester filler, Fill Black Carbon.


For more information about this product, consult your distributor.






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An edition more Car Repair System will be present in the fair of after-sales more importantly of the national sector. The fair covers various areas of the sector, such as workshops, dealers, manufacturers, etc. The fair begins from March 15 to March 18 in Madrid, an indispensable appointment to know and to extend the professional qualification of the visitor.

In our stand 6C02 located in Hall 6, during the first two days of the fair, we welcome and will be an active part of the 14th edition of the automotive technical youth contest organized by the Comforp Foundation, of which we are sponsors. A few young technical of automotive will develop different tests insitu for the later evaluation of the contest.

Apart from all that, we will make daily demonstrations of our range of Polishes  from the well known brand of Farecla and of the abrasives of the prestigious brand Kovax.

It will be our pleasure to see you; we hope you.



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Car Repair System launches the new KIT MINI FARECLA PREMIUM, a kit designed to make the workshop work in a comfortable, simple and economic way.

The kit is composed of a G3 PREMIUM ABRASIVE COMPOUND 1 Kg, designed so that with a single product you have a result of finishing, one G3 GLAZE GLOSS ENHACER 1L indicated to provide extra brightness, a pack of G MOP HIGH CUT FOAM APPLICATOR 6 “for the  of the application of the polish, a black G MOP FINISHING FOAM 6” and a G MOP BACK PLATE & INTERFACE PAD 6″ with screw de 14 mm.

To make more attractive the launch of the new Mini Kit Farecla Premium is offering free, during the month of October, a CRS work vest.

Never a product will provide you with so much in so little space.

Consult availability with your distributor.


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Presentation of the Stat-Gun in the magazine Centro Zaragoza

Car Repair System has presented the Stat-Gun in Centro Zaragoza. Designed specifically for  paint and body shops, this gun eliminates the static electricity of the surfaces by a technology of ionization. His application is recommended on any surface: steel, aluminium, painting, but especially,it is on plastic in brute where better we appreciate his effect. Due to the operations of sanded, application of painting, blown and cleanliness with rag, the surfaces are loaded electrically, attracting the particles of powder and dirt that will remain caught in the applied painting, or creating differences in the surface of static positive and negative load that impedes the uniform application of painting.

Stat-Gun is a wireless gun that works with rechargeable battery and connected to the network of compressed air it provides an air flow that beside helping to the cleaning of the substratum, it moves rapidly to the surface the positive and negatives ions generated by the gun distributing uniformly the loads on the area for his neutralization. His application is rapid and simple, thanks to the laser guide that is incorporated and must be used after the process of cleaning and before the application of painting.

Using the Stat-Gun we manage to reduce the presence of specks or dirt in the applied painting that gives us a  reduction in the times of polished later, and to obtain a uniform application of painting.”


Publication yielded by the magazine Centro Zaragoza and published in his n º 65.

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AUTOPINT, Exclusive Distributor in Uruguay, opens his first Shop

Last friday our exclusive distributor of Car Repair System in Uruguay opened his first shop Multicolor Pinturas with a round succes.

The place chosen for his first shop is Florida, placed to only 100km of Montevideo. This is the first shop of paintings for Car, inside a chain of shops. The next opening one will be in Montevideo, place of origin of our distributor.

The sale of products are only and exclusively of Car Repair System.

The initiative of our distributor before these new projects does that we continue trusting in our product for: quality, innovation and technology of Forefront.


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Car Repair System bets for the culture and collaborates with the association ” Loja, two Kingdoms two cultures “. The people of Loja recreates the defeat of the Kingdom Nazarí. The most awaited thing was the recreation of the third and definitive Christian siege where the Christian troops of the King Fernando face Boabdil’s nazaríes, together with the banquet nazarí and the parade of troops.

The frame in which there took place the staging of the Christian siege to Loja was in the neighborhood of the Fort, as well as the historical center of the city, which was a faithful reflection of the boisterous handcrafted market of the epoch. The colophon of the II edition of the above mentioned recreation was the round success between the assistants as well as the numerous  visitors who approached to see the event.

The group Car Repair System always present in programs of interest and innovation for the culture does not want to stop to spend this type of opportunities that do that a company grows culturally.

dos reinosdos reinos dos culturas

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Car Repair System with the Vocational Training, Spainskills 2015

From May 6 to May 9 the SpainSkills Game of vocational training will be celebrated in the exhibition site of Juan Carlos I of Ifema, where all the Regions will participate. One year more, Car Repair System participate as a sponsoring company in the area of auto body and paints.

The innovation of this year is that the proper companies collaborator´s technicians will evaluate the participants, this way the jury is composed by professionnals of the sector.JURADO DE LUJO EN LOS PERFILES DE AUTOMOCIÓN DE SPAINSKILLS 2015

No doubt Car Repair System is conscious of that today more that never , we have to bet for the future professionnals, and prof of this, his support to the vocational training.
SpainSkills: Car Repair System wish a good competition to all the participants!

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AUTOPINT, Automotive Paint Product, exclusive importer of Car Repair System in Uruguay

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