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New for polishing

Diamond N-ano

We present an ideal couple for polishing. At Car Repair System we reinvent our Diamond Plus polish and it is accompanied by its ideal complement.

With the new Diamond Plus, we will obtain an emulsion polish with fast-cutting micro-abrasive particles especially suitable for last-generation varnishes and finishes; including the new quick dry or air dry systems.

  • Its chemical composition together with its Diamond 1500 Orange Micro Fibers applicator, allows a high gloss cut and finish in one step.
  • Easily removes sanding marks from P1500 and provides deep gloss finish.

It is accompanied by Nano Flash Protect, a liquid compound for protection and finishing that offers a quick protective layer to any surface of the vehicle thanks to its nanoparticles that repel water, dust and environmental pollutants which favor a longer surface life. treated.